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All insulating materials are not created equal.

The basic raw materials, additives, density, even the shape of the finished piece, all have an impact on the materials' ability to contain heat and protect equipment from its damaging effect.

Whether your refractory project involves routine repair or extensive turnaround work, CCS&ES specializes in matching the right heat containment materials to the application. As an independent supplier, we bring a unique perspective to the product selection process - one free of industry or brand bias. Our engineers are free to research emerging technologies and innovative materials to specify products that deliver maximum insulating efficiency.

BASIC REFRACTORY - CCS&ES can specify, install and service any type of insulating material from basics such as deadburned magnesia, to engineered brick and pre-cast shapes, to joint-free monolithic refractories. Our thorough understanding of the performance characteristics of a wide range of refractory materials allows us to match materials to operational requirements. We are experienced at specifying materials for high temperature strength, specific chemical properties or other specialized characteristics. All installation and repair services are provided by our expert refractory managers and technicians skilled in ramming, gunning or casting material into place.

WATERLESS/RAPID CURE REFRACTORY - For fast turnaround on new installations or repairs, CCS&ES recommends using rapid cure refractories, an engineered refractory material that eliminates the lengthy cure time required for conventional materials.

The two-part waterless system mixes in less than one minute and is fully cured and ready for heat up within four hours.

In addition to time savings, rapid cure refractory also provides: RAPID HEAT UP - Achieves linear heat up rates of 500 °F per hour with no holds depending on lining thickness and configuration. THERMAL SHOCK RESISTENCE - Withstands repeated thermal cycling with minimum loss of physical properties. BONDING - Bonds to itself and other fired refractories for strong repairs with no laminations. Non-wetting. Delivers superior non-wetting characteristics that reduce build up and down time for cold cleaning.

CERAMIC FIBER INSULATION - In applications that call for flexible insulation, CCS&ES offers a wide range of ceramic fiber modules and ceramic fiber blanket products. Flexible ceramic fiber insulation materials provide ease of handling without compromising conductivity, thermal shock resistance or low heat storage capacity. The absence of organic binders is an advantage in applications where organic materials could contaminate thermal oxidizer atmospheres at high temperatures. We offer ceramic fiber products with a variety of temperature and density compositions, as well as thickness and roll widths, process shapes and modified forms. In addition to specifying the right product and anchoring system, we also provide construction design and field installation services necessary to refine or refurbish your thermal oxidizer system.
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