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Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer


A Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer consists of a combustion chamber with a shell and tube heat pre-heat exchanger, which maintains a temperature of 1000°-2200°F. Temperature, residence time, and turbulence are three important oxidization factors considered in order to achieve high 99.9% destruction efficiency.



These thermal oxidizer units are capable of heat recovery efficiency upwards of 95%, while operating with a residence time of 1 second.

The system fan attracts VOC-laden air into the system fan, which is then excreted into the system’s heat exchanger. The tube side of the heat exchanger preheats the air drawing the contaminant past the burner, heating it to the thermal oxidization temperature (1000°-2200°F) for a residence time of 0.5-2.5 seconds. Raising the VOC-laden air to the thermal oxidization temperature causes an exothermic reaction to take place, converting the VOCs into carbon dioxide and water vapor.






Passing through the shell side of the heat exchanger, the hot, purified air is then recycled to preheat the inlet air.


At moderate LEL levels the system is self-sustainable due to the heat exchanger minimizing fuel consumption. The clean air is finally released into the atmosphere.









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