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Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. (CCS&ES) is a leading, international provider of air pollution control, energy recovery systems, and wastewater treatment. We design, manufacture, engineer, install, and service oxidizer systems such as thermal and catalytic oxidizers for a wide variety of industrial processes and applications.

CCS&ES is renowned for its state-of-the-art thermal oxidizer and catalytic oxidizer technologies that transform contaminated exhaust gases from a broad spectrum of industries into innocuous emissions by utilizing oxidation reactions at high temperatures. The purifed air is released into the atmosphere in accord with regulations, providing a clean and cost efficient air pollution control mechanism for your industrial applications.



Combustion Controls Solutions Receives Award from The Safety Council of Northwest Ohio


Safety Council of Northwest OhioMay 2016: CCS&ES has been recognized by the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio in partnership with the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation for outstanding safety and performance. SCNW's mission is to improve the quality of life through enhancement of the safety and health of people, the economy and the environment, and by providing education and resources to Northwest Ohio. After careful consideration CCS&ES proved to be worthy of 2016's 100% Award which is given out annually to a company that faithfully demonstrates worker safety, by having 0 days lost to injury. As a member of the SCNW, CCS&ES will continue to strive for excellence, by ensuring workplace safety and showcasing the intrinsic value of environmental sustainability.

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